托福范文 第1篇



In order to attract more customers, advertisers have adopted every possible stimulative factor in making ads, such as sound, light, colours, cartoon films and human performance. For instance, to advertise a certain food, advertisers will ask an actor or actress to sit at a table and devour the seemingly delicious food while they fime him or her.


To take … as an example, One example is…, Another example is…, for example



世界上沒有同樣的指紋,沒有相同的樹葉,文章亦同,只有通過比較,你才會發現二者的相同點(through comparison)和不同點(through contrast)。下面是一些短語:


in comparison, likewise, similarly, in the same manner


on the other hand, conversely, whereas, while, instead, nevertheless, in contrast, on the contrary, compared with …

托福范文 第2篇

托福tpo真題寫作53作文范文,托福tpo53獨立寫作independentwriting范文+ 題目解析是托??荚嚬俜街改希╫fficialguide),tpo21-54 獨立寫作范文+ 獨立寫作批改服務,真題解析,解析,模版解析,文筆分析,寫作技巧等,是托??荚嚬俜浇o出的考試指南。tpo21-34 真題,詳細解說如下。1.托福綜合寫作真題范文+ 獨立寫作真題+ 綜合寫作真題范文+ 范文+ 配套練習,這是托福官方給出的備考資料,也是官方給出的備考資料。2.托福綜合寫作真題范文,tpo8套左右,tpo24-60 真題范文,配套解析,練習一下寫作真題范文。tpo24-50 真題范文+ 配套解析,tpo25-50 真題范文。3.如何提高綜合寫作能力?

托福范文 第3篇

I. Raising the price of gasoline and electricity will create an unfair playing field for those who cannot afford them, and this will arouse negative sentiment due to the government’s ignorance of income gap.

1. raising the price動名詞做主語,表示“提升價格”這一舉措,且與后面并列分句中的主語this相照應。

2. create an unfair playing field意思是“營造一種不公平的環境”。英文習語中還有類似的表達,如a level playing field, 表示a situation that is balanced and fair.

例句:At the moment we are not competing on a level playing field.

Trade with these nations must be conducted on a level playing field.

3. …those who cannot afford them

4. …due to the government’s ignorance of income gap.

due to是一個易錯點。很多學生會在due to后面錯用句子。實際上due to常常是+名詞詞組。

例句:The accident was due to negligence.

II. For example, it can improve public transportation system and city infrastructure to facilitate the way people commute, so that their reliance on private cars will be reduced.

1. 該句是舉例論證,通過舉例子說明政府節約能源使用的措施不止一個,從而反駁了題目中的觀點。

2. …to facilitate the way people commute包含一個定語從句。the way是先行詞,關系代詞可以用in which或that, 也可以省略。

3. so that前后兩句表明了一種因果關系。正是因為前面transportation system and city infrastructure有所改善,后面才會有“減少對于私家車的依賴”這樣一種結果。所以so that引導的結果狀語從句也是提升句子復雜程度和多樣性的方式。

III. Given time, the environmental problems will be more properly tackled by using alternative and renewable resources without increasing the price of fossil fuels.

1. given time放在句首,表示“假以時日”,相當于一個條件狀語從句。

托福范文 第4篇

Well, I think the most important decision I made is my plan of going to the USA to further my great thing about this decision is that I could learn more new knowledge in my field. The education quality and scientific research in America are the best all over the important thing is that I could experience a new culture and form a brand new system of ideas. This is especially important if I took a job in a transnational company after I , I could make a lot of friends from different parts of the world. And they might help me a lot in my future career because the bigger your business network is, the better your performance will be.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, the most frequent thing I do in my spare time is to take a walk in a park near my college. Every time I step into the park, with the birds singing and the bamboo trees swaying leisurely, I will forget all those vexations and troubles I have could feel the bracing breeze touch my face and smell the pleasant scent of the grass, and then take a deep breath and all my pressure from work and study will vanish into the air. Another thing worth mentioning is that in the peaceful environment I can think over many things deeply. I can have an introspection of my past and look into the future and this benefits me a lot because it helps me realize my defects, make clear my objective and adjust my plans.

deeply impressed celebration or moment

The opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic games

The opening ceremony of Beijing 2008 Olympic games is the most spectacular ceremony I have ever seen. With more than 90,000 spectators including many countries’ presidents present at the scene, the magnificent performances astonished everyone in front of Televisions broadcasting the ceremony performances had been designed by the artists with great efforts and had been rehearsed again and again. So they were presented to people wonderfully. The performances demonstrated Chinese cultures to people around the world to make them know more about the performances, the fireworks were another amazing highlight. They were elaborately planned and made the Bird’s nest Stadium very splendid. Many people acclaimed that this was the most impressive Olympics opening ceremony.

Describe a social or political celebration event in your culture.

Well, I want to talk about the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is the first day of lunar year. On this day, all family members get together to have a good meal and the dumplings are indispensable. People hold a series of activities such as dragon and lion dancing to celebrate this most of Chinese people, it’s the most important day in a whole year. No matter how busy we are, we will go to great length to spare a few days to go home and have a family reunion. For children, this day is one of the happiest days all through the year for they can get lucky money from their parents. During the Spring Festival, people go to visit friends and relatives. It is very exciting to visit them after a long year’s separation.

托福范文 第5篇

Some people prefer to live in a small town. Others prefer to live in a big city. Which place wouldyou prefer to live in? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

托福作文滿分范文:Topic: 9

I grew up in a small town and then moved to a big city, so I have experienced the good and badsides of both. I never thought that I would like living in a big city, but I was wrong. After ten yearsof living in one, I can't imagine ever living in a small town again.

Small towns and big cities both have some problems in terms of transportation. In a small town,you have to own a car to ensure a comfortable living. You can't get around without one becausethere isn't any kind of public transportation. Big cities generally have heavy traffic and expensiveparking, but there you have a choice of taking public transportation. It's not free, but it's oftencheaper than driving when you consider gas and time. Especially if you don't have a car, you'rebetter off in the city.

I love the excitement of big cities. Small towns have a slow pace. Large cities mean you have toadapt to a variety of situations, like finding a new route to work or trying a new restaurant. I enjoythat challenge very much. Another pan of the excitement of city living is the variety of culturalactivities available. There is a wide assortment of theatre, music and dance in big cities. These things are rare in small ones.

The final thing I like about large cities is the diversity of the people. The United States is made upof people of different races, religions, abilities, and interests. However, you seldom find such avariety of people in a smaller town. I think that living in an area where everyone was just like mewould quickly become boring.

Of course, security is a concern, and that's one area where small towns are superior to big , I would rather be a bit more cautious and live in a large city than to feel secure but bored.

托福作文滿分范文:Topic: 9

Where should we live? Some may choose to live in big cities, while other like the natural and quietsurroundings in countryside. As far as I am concerned, I would like to live in a big city becauseliving in a big city has more advantages than living in countryside.

To begin with, the city is the symbol of human civilization and there are a many facilities forliving, recreation and health care. Therefore, living there is more convenient than living incountryside. For example, we can find a plenty of malls around our neighborhood, where we canbuy everyday necessities at a low price. Furthermore, people concern more about their health andsafety than other things in their lives. In big cities, medical facilities and emergency services areeasily accessible than in countryside. Big cities also have convenient transportation and utilitysystems. They also offer faster Internet connections. These all make our life easier in big addition, we can take part in a variety of events in big cities. Human being likes to live togetherand need to interact with each other. In a big city, the population density is high therefore thereare always plenty of social activities, sports events and concerts. There are more recreationalplaces in big cities, such as opera houses, movie theatres, clubs, and swimming pools. You willhave many kinds of entertainment in big cities, and meet many people. In countryside, however,the life may be dull and quite, and you may only have a few neighbors. Living alone with fewactivities can easily cause mental diseases.

Some may argue that the pollution in cities makes people sick. However, with automobiles andmodern highways we can easily take a break to expose to fresh air in countryside and sunshine onthe beach.

In conclusion, I strongly hold that living in big cities is much better than living in countrysidebecause of the advanced facilities and social activities in cities. Moreover, the autos and highwaysenable us to enjoy the natural and quiet surroundings in countryside.

托福作文滿分范文:Topic: 9

In English, there is a well-known fairy story about a poor country boy, Dick Whittington, whogoes to London because he believes that the streets of that city are “paved with gold”. The storyis a tale of “from rags to riches”. Dick eventually becomes the Lord Mayor of London. Like thehero of that story, I always find wonder and adventure in cities.

Cities contain a great assortment of people. Whenever I walk around a shopping precinct atmidday on a weekend, I am fascinated by all the different types of people hurrying around theshops. Sometimes, I just sit on a public bench and simply watch the variegated streams ofshoppers. Today, in the age of globe-trotting transport and communications, city life is moremixed than it has ever been. Capital cities are not cosmopolitan, and eager to attract foreign tradeand currency. There is a contemporary English joke which tells that “you can never find anEnglishman in London”.

Whether rightly or wrongly, governments and local authorities usually build public amenities inthe big cities. Money is invested in transport, libraries, parks and museums. Often, countries willcompete with each other for the best “show-case” building. Malaysia has built a skyscraper that istaller than is anything in New York. In large countries, region will compete against region: NewYork against Chicago, Shanghai against Hong Kong and Beijing.

All of this is good for the citizen. The magic of the Dick Whittington story is rekindled in me whenI enter a library in a magnificent building. If a person is at university studying art or music, a largecity usually offers galleries and public performances. Even as a teenager, I appreciated the worthof living in a city because two or three times a year there was a rock concert by a favorite is the urban landscape. If a person has an appreciation of architecture, a city can beas visually exciting as the Himalayas. A modern metropolis is a mountain range of height, lightand solidness. And then there are the old buildings: the quaint, unspoiled side-street or shops andhomes from a distant age. If a person lived all of his life in one large city, he would continue todiscover its architectural secrets into his old age.

Man is a 'social animal'. He talks, mixes and creates. Cities offer the libraries, universities and cafebars for him to meet others of his kind.


托福范文 第6篇

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Universities should give the same amount of money to their students' sports activities as they give to their university libraries. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


In my point of view,sports activities are as important as ,if not more important than,good it is wise for universities to give the same amount of money to their students' sportsactivities as they give their university are numerous clear reasons and i wouldexplore some important ones here.

First,good health is the prerequiste for future are not only the place forstudents to expand their minds, but also a place for student to build their good health isvery essential for study and future our university,there are several middle-agedteachers and researchers suffer from diseases,some even died when they were atill at the acme oftheir academic is a great loss for their families and our university.

Second,through sports activities,student can benefit both physically and who hasplayed in a football game knows that the cooperation and competition are important for are two basic traits for those who want to succeed,and student who can combinethem harmoniously have better chance of success in the future.

Third,investment in sports activities can save money in the long China, all of studentsmedical expenses are patronized by government anf this is a heavy the students healthimporved,a lot of money can be saved every these money,universities can build moreclassrooms,laboratories and libraries.

Of course, good libraries are also important for good library with its large collectionof books is the pride and symbol of a prominent libraries and sports activities areindispenable for unicersity,so it is wise for unicversities give the same amount of money to theirstudent activities as they give to their libraries.

托福范文 第7篇

Tall glass towers, whose shiny facades are as cool as their air-conditioned insides, are becoming part of cityscapes from South America to North East Asia. In the process, old buildings are making room for the seemingly unstoppable advancement of modernity. Thus the face of the global city is changing, and city planners are facing the difficult choice of either preserving historic building or replacing them with modern ones. As there are strong arguments for either option, the final decision will depend on a thorough analysis of the specific situation at hand.

It is important to preserve historic buildings and parts of cities because they are part of the cultural heritage that gives identity to a community. Old homes and living quarters are a part of history, and, once destroyed, leveled, and buried under thousands of tons of concrete and steel, they will be lost forever. The constructions erected in their places in too many cases lack any sort of connecti...

托福范文 第8篇

People study in college or university for many different reasons. I think the most important reasonis to gain more knowledge and learn more skills. Of course, there are also many other reasons thatpeople study in college such as to get more friends, and increase one's self-confidence.These days, most jobs require people who are educated and have good job skills. Therefore, thepeople who want a good job have to study hard and at least graduate with a high education.Furthermore, as technology advances all over the world, more and more education is required ofpeople.

Some people who study in college or university want to make more friends and increase theirinterpersonal skills. They enjoy their lives in university or college and tend to socialize a lot. Theycan meet more people who have the similar interests with themselves. They can go to uni ballafter school and make more friends who they trust.

The people who graduate from college seem more confident in our community. These people aremore respected by society. Many people want to be respected and to be important by family,friends, their bosses, and others in their lives. They find that most of them can confidently talk anddo their jobs as they are more educated. Therefore, most people want to get the confidencethrough the university or college study.

In today's society, people need more knowledge and skills to be adapted. The university andcollege study is a good way to achieve this.

托福范文 第9篇

In recent years, many college students put great pressure on College English test in order to get high marks in the examination. Many students in the ^v^make-up test^v^ at the same time, although they have passed the CET-4, but the campus is full of students busy preparing for the test. Some people do not like the idea of taking part in the CET-4 repeatedly because of the high score.

Although the cost of CET-4 is not high, it will be a considerable financial burden to take part in the test frequently, and they are preparing every year It is a waste of time, because you can do something more meaningful in the golden age of college. Students should not focus on College English examination, but should strive to cultivate other abilities. If our future work needs to master English well, it is OK to repeatedly take CET-6 in order to be more competitive in the job market In order to understand, we can further take higher level examinations, such as TOEFL or IELTS, TOEFL or IELTS, but if not, we should not waste our time and energy to repeatedly participate in the preparation of CET in recent years [P R p_; re ??? n] not approve [D D D D ? s ????? s ???????? s ???????????????in the job market, we should pay more attention to the employment market.


近年來,許多大學生為了在考試中取得高分而對大學英語考試施加了極大的壓力。許多學生在“補考”的同時,雖然已經過了大學英語四級考試,但校園里卻擠滿了忙于備考的學生,有些人不贊成為了高分而反復參加大學英語四級考試的想法,雖然大學英語四級考試的費用不高,但是經常參加考試會是一個相當大的經濟負擔,而且每年都在準備它是浪費時間,因為你可以在大學的黃金時期做一些更有意義的事情,學生們不應該把注意力放在大學英語考試上,而是應該努力培養其他方面的能力,如果我們未來的工作需要很好地掌握英語的話,為了在就業市場上更具競爭力而反復參加大學英語六級考試是可以理解的,我們可以進一步采取更高水平的考試,如托?;蜓潘纪懈;蜓潘?,但如果沒有,我們不應該浪費我們的時間和精力反復參加CET在近幾年的準備[?pr?p?712; re???n]不批準[?d d?sˇ?pru?v]反復[r??pi?t?dl?除了可以理解的[??nd?nd?st?st????在就業市場上。

托福范文 第10篇


The way a person dresses in is a good indication of his/her personality and character.通讀此文時,應找到文章主要論點:1.著裝習慣反映個人偏好;2.著裝習慣透露了性格的某些方面;3.除了著裝習慣,行為和舉止是性格的更真實體現。

第2步,精讀10篇范文,理清每句話之間的關系。如:Relatives were co-habitants inside a large house where more intimate relationships could be stably maintained and carried on. Nowadays, however, nuclear families are taking up the greatest ratio of social build-up... 這兩句話之間形成了轉折的邏輯關系。

第3步,詳細分析10篇范文,弄懂每句話內部的關系以及每句話之間的關系。如:In addition, obsessed with computer games, children are gradually becoming slaves under the control of the pre-designed game modes. As a matter of fact, it is not only a waste of time, but may also considerably mislead children mentally... 在這段話中,標志詞in addition表明首句承前啟后,該句中,過去分詞短語obssessed with... 表原因,children are usually...是原因所導致的結果。第二句是對首句的進一步解釋說明,注意not only...but also... 這個典型句式的應用。



托福范文 第11篇

For teenagers aged between 15 to 18, what is the most important to the teacher?

1)the ability to help students plan for future

2)the ability to recognize which student needs help and offer that help

3)the ability to encourage students to learn on their own outside of the classroom


Secondary education can be one of the most formative experiences in a person’s life. What qualities make a good high school teacher? People might go for abilities like helping with future planning or encouraging academic autonomy. I, however, believe that the most important factor is the ability to recognize students in need and the willingness to lend a hand.

The first beneficiary is underachievers. More often than not, students who fall behind suffer from a low self-esteem. It is especially true for teenagers who find it a disgrace to lose face in front of their peers. In this case, they would stay under the radar and try to bury their problems in the dark. Nobody would even notice, not to mention offering any help. However, a teacher with a perceptive mind can discover the problem before it gets worse, so that the troubled kid could get proper help. Let’s say a boy whose parents are going through a nasty divorce may show up late at school or miss the deadline for science projects. If the teacher can spot his recent anomaly and reaches out to him, the boy might open up and confide to the teacher. This is the first step on the road to recovery and an attentive teacher makes all the difference.

Moreover, this valuable quality would rub off on students as well. Instead of lecturing them about helping others, teachers set a better example by practicing what they preach. Seeing the teacher shows compassion and kindness to a kid from disadvantaged background, children are more likely to follow suit and learn to empathize. In contrast, if the teacher is always aloof, school bullies will then pick on the troubled kid. It is because when teachers don’t even bother to care, kids would pick up a wrong message that being indifferent is the best policy. What would them turn into when reaching adulthood? Self-centered. Or even worse, mean and bitter. So it takes a sharp mind to spot trouble and a warm heart to get children out of.

Sure, it is not to say other qualities are trivial. Future career planning offers students some insight into job prospects and college majors. And students would better adjust to college life if they are trained to learn on their own outside of the classroom. But I wouldn’t say such qualities assume more power than an empathetic heart. Why? High schoolers aged 15 to 18 have very vague ideas about their interests and aspiration. That’s why people even take a gap year to figure it out. So why bother planning in such early stage of life while so much remains uncovered and unexplored? As for the ability to encourage learning autonomy, let’s face it, children have been doing this all the time! Since the advent of Internet, children have been drawn to a variety of search engines and websites, which stimulate self-governed learning in a way no teacher can possibly compare to. But the ability to relate to troubled students and lead them out of the woods is in high demand and cannot be replaced.

To sum up, to benefit high school students to a greater extent, the teachers have to be able to recognize what’s going wrong and what can be done to make it right. Other characters can be good to have, but also fine to live without.

托福范文 第12篇

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The best way to travel is in a group ledby a tour guide. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


There are a lot of views whether the best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide. Differentpeople has different viewpoint. In my opinion, a group led by a tour guide is the best way totravel. The argument for this view goes as follows:

In the first place, there are many advantages when people travel in a group. First, people will notfeel boring in a long trip. People can talk, laugh and make joking like a big family. Second, thegroup will help you a lot when you have any emergency. The people in the group could help youfigure out the awkward situation that will be unimaginable when you travel alone. Third, with thegroup discount, such as the discount for airplane ticket, the hotel, and the admission ticket,travelers can save a lot of money when they use the group discount.

In the second place, there are many advantages too when people travel led by a tour guide. Thetour guide will arrange all the details about the trip in advance. The traveler need not worry aboutwhere to find the hotel, where to rent the car, and how to find the direction. It will make the trip a little bit easy. Another advantage is that led by a tour guide will save much time than travelingalone. With the professional knowledge, tour guide will make the smartest schedule. I wouldnever forget that one of my friend, a city tour guide in the Shanghai, China, said that she can leadtraveler to visit the whole city by one day which people should spend two or three days to finishit.

In conclusion, there are many advantages when people travels in a group led by a tour guide, suchas save money, save time, do not feel boring, and is easy to take care of. Therefore, I stronglyagree that the best way to travel is in a group led by a tour guide.

托福范文 第13篇

In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon. Use specificreasons and details to develop your essay.


With the development of human society, people are living longer now. Many factors interactingtogether to enable the longer life. There are three most important causes: the quality of food hasbeen greatly improved; people could have medical services; more and more people realize thatregular sports benefit their health.

The improving quality of our food is the most important factor of the longer life. We could havenot only enough food as we want, but also the healthier food. When we preparing food, we nolonger consider the cost, but pay more attention to the nutritions of the food. With thedevelopment of transportation systems, inland people now could also enjoy seafood and tropicalfruit.

Furthermore, governments are paying more and more money on medical establishments. Citizenscould have medical services more easily. Because of the convenient medical service moreillnesses could be detected at an earlier stage. Also, many illnesses that had been considered fatalcould be cured today. The better detection and curement enable people's longer life.

Last but not least important is that people care more for their own health. Every morning youcould see people doing sports outside. More and more people have realized the saying ^v^life islocomotion^v^. Regular sports build up a strong body. Naturally, people with stronger body couldresist more deseases.

To sum up, the development of our society causes the longer life of people. People have betterfood and better medical services. And people spend more time on sports to biuld up strongerbodies. As we could predict, people are going to live even longer.

托福范文 第14篇

a book that you believe is the most useful to you. Please explain the reason and include specific examples and details in your explanation.說出你認為對你最有用的一本書,并解釋原因。

of the following statements do your agree with? Please give specific reasons for your opinion. Some believe that TV programs have a positive influence on modern society. Others, however, think that the influence of TV programs is modern society. Others, however, think that the influence of TV programs is negative.電視對于現代社會有正面作用還是負面作用,選擇其中之一并解釋原因。

the most important decision that you made in your was it important to you? Use specific examples and details to support your explanation.

people believe that the high school should teach music and art as other basic science. Some people think that providing music and art education for high school students is not necessary. What is your opinion and why?

do you do in your spare time? Please include specific details in your statement.空閑時間用來做什么?

people think that it’s necessary to prohibit people from using phone calls in some places. Others believe that it’s inconvenient if phone calls are forbidden in some places. Which opinion do you prefer? Explain why. Your statement should include specific examples and details.打手機該不該在一些地方禁止?

a celebration or moment which has made a deep impression on you. Please explain the impression and include specific examples and details in you explanation.描述一件自己印象深刻的celebration或者moment。

of the following acts have more influence on you, newspaper, TV, or teachers? Explain the reason with specific details.

a social or politics celebration event in your culture. Specific examples and details are necessary in your statement.

the government should assist to build museum and theater? Give your opinion and include specific examples and details in your explanation.政府是否應該資助建博物館和劇院。說出你的觀點和理由。

托福范文 第15篇